Apr. 15th, 2008 01:51 pm
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As commanded, an update. :-D

(FList protected right now, because of pending job... I know that the chances that someone's going to trackback or search successfully is SO small, but I live for paranoia during job searches.)

I have an interview tomorrow. Actually, to be more specific, I have five interviews tomorrow.

As some of you may know, I've been looking off and on for a full-time job. As much as I like the flexibility of working from home, I'd also like a little more consistency of income.

Got recommended by [livejournal.com profile] queenzippo for an interview at her company. Bumbled my way through a phone interview. Got the call back, and am going to a big interview day at the local office tomorrow. It's a technical support engineer position, which, as I understand the screening I've undergone so far, requires technical aptitude, experience with networking, DB, web services (preferably at least two of three), technical and phone support skills, an ability to take ownership of a problem from start to finish, and the ability to find answers to new questions. Oh, and I'm pretty sure from the sounds of it that technical writing and training experience are a plus.

I've done interviews for tech positions before. I KNOW how hard it is to find people with all of those qualifications. I KNOW how well I could do this job. Why am I so nervous?

I hate interviews. That's not true. I like conducting interviews, but I hate going through them. I think part of it is the fact that I have such a hard time putting myself forward and bragging about my job accomplishments. Part of the problem is every time the interviewer asks a question, I get this manic interior monologue going:

Ok, it's obvious what they're really asking here. How do I answer what they're really asking without making it seem like I'm deliberately answering what they're actually asking with what they want to hear? Oh crap. How long have I been sitting here blankly? Better smile. Was that weird? Crap. Did I just chuckle nervously out loud? I should make a noise like I've been giving the question some serious thought. How about 'Hmm...'? Wait, did I already use 'Hmm...' on the last question? Just don't say, 'That's a good question,' -- it's obvious you're stalling, and a stupid thing to say. Oh God. Now how long have I been sitting here blankly? Whatever you do, remember not to do that stupid 'and, um,' thing that you do when you're really nervous. I hope I'm not sweating through my suit. How can I check it without being obvious? Oh God. Still haven't said anything. Say something!!!

"Hmm... Well, that's a good question, and, um..."

Oh, dear God. Please let the ground just open up and swallow me whole.

...and this happens with EVERY QUESTION!
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