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2009-11-18 11:46 am

(With apologies to H. Kretzmer)

One day more!
Another day, another bill to pay
On this never-ending road to Poverty;
These men who seemed to buy my lines
Still never call a second time.
One day more!

I did not bring ID today.
How can I drink, if I get carded?

One day more.

Tomorrow is my final day
And now, my stress has only started!

Every day a silent phone.

Will I ever work again?

One more day with them not calling.

I am coming quite unglued.

One more interview I've blown.

And the rent will soon be due!

With my lack of savoir faire!

One more day -- I'll be reborn!

Should I sell off all my clothes?

And my days all filled with freedom.

Shall I auction off my hair?

I will be a man transformed

What to do, to have a prayer?

And I'll be all I can be!

The time is now, the day is here

One day more!

One day more till unemployment,
It will hit with a big thud!
I can't give up buying new toys,
And I'll have to sell my blood!

One day more!

Hey, you little shmuck,
Here begins your fall,
You're all out of luck
And soon you'll lose it all!
Speedy downhill trip,
Debts all run amuck,
Bank account’s a goner
And now you’re tot'ly f...What?!?

1: One day to a new beginning
2: Ev'ry job you see, apply!
1: Waiting for the phone to ring,
2: Waiting for the phone to ring,
1: All the options quickly thinning!
2: All the options almost gone!

Do you hear the people scream?

The day is here, and I've no clue!

One day more!

I did not bring ID today.

Every day a silent phone!

How can I drink, if I get carded?.

PESSIMISM (overlapping)
All my efforts add to zero!
All this work, nothing to show
All the expectations unmet,
All the answers lead to "NO!"

One day more!

Tomorrow is my final day,

One more interview I've blown!

And now, my stress has only started!

PESSIMISM (overlapping)
One day more till unemployment,
It will hit with a big thud!
I can't give up buying new toys,

MOCKERY (overlapping)
Hey, you little shmuck,
Here begins your fall,
You're all out of luck
And soon you'll lose it all!

Tomorrow is not far away,
Tomorrow's the last working day

Tomorrow we'll discover
What Top Ramen costs now at the store!
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!
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2009-05-29 11:48 am
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Due to others talking it up, I've created a dreamwidth account ([ profile] deer-mews). For all you LJ folks (all 3 of you that read this), this will probably make little difference. Content from here ([ profile] deer_mews) will remain pretty much the same.

I'm going to use the dreamwidth blog to post the creative writing stuff, and finally migrate the stuff over from my blogspot account, which I rarely (if ever) use anymore. I'll cross post any reviews and essays, which is why I say the change to LJ will probably be pretty minimal. I'll also start building the online poetry archive. Maybe, just maybe, this will open up that particular part of the mental vault again.

I'm migrating the creative presence over to dreamwidth because I think it will play nicer and allow more interaction between the two sites, which will be nice. It'll make for ONE formatting and style system, too, which will help. Finally, I like the ability to easily cross-post, if I want.

Hmmm. So, I've been shanghaied to yet another online presence which I will update only infrequently, for which I will feel unreasonably guilty...

Sounds good to me!
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2009-05-14 07:23 am

Still alive, still random

Work was slowing down, then the economy happened. "More with less" makes a pithy appeal to my language nerd side, but it kinda sucks when it actually *happens*. Still, as many have pointed out (to the point that I want to punch random people when I overhear them in public -- because they are, inevitably, the loudest people in the room), things are great because I "still have a job..."

...for now.

In other news, I really, REALLY enjoyed this recent post by Neil Gaiman on entitlement and the creative process.

Other things I've enjoyed recently:

This xkcd, which not only made me laugh out loud, but also amazed me that the punchline never occurred to me, even after being so engrossed in the software development lifecycle for the last couple of years.

Patrick Rothfuss' blog

The name, adventurous spirit, and (above all), the writings of Radigan Neuhalfen. (Warning: some content may be NSFW.) I found one of his blogs through a random google image search for foreign driving licenses (no, I totally don't remember why), and was entranced by his command of language and sense of humor.

I have jumped on the Dominion bandwagon, mostly thanks to [ profile] doctorconquest and [ profile] shardavarius. Am contemplating the "chip deck" idea I've seen posted a few different ways online. Anyone actually tried this yet?
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2009-02-11 01:03 pm

Vacationy, with a 95% chance of awesome

(Win@35mph) :-D

Work has sucked all the life out of my life since about October, but it's slooooooowwwwwwwly getting better.

Taking an actual vacation day. Stopped at the Crossroads Mall for a bit and found:

(Links coming later, when I get to a computer.)

1) Galactic Emperor -- supposed to be "Twilight Imperium, only, you know, *shorter*" or, alternately, "Puerto Rico meets strategy wargame," both of which sounded just about perfect.

2) Wasabi -- looks like a quick, casual game in which you try to acquire the proper ingredients to make various sushi creations. Should be fun.

3) at least 7 Discworld novels in exceptional condition, with the *cool* British covers. I know some people aren't fans, but I really like the style. Included _Wyrd Sisters_, _Equal Rites_, _Last Continent_, _Interesting Times_, and a few other random titles. I can look later, but once I determined that none of them were duplicates of the three I have, I just grabbed, ran, and paid before the universe came to its senses...

Soooooo. How have you been?

(Posted while mobile. Apologies for any anomalies.)
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2008-11-05 07:07 am

A Captivate(TM) Audience

The elevators in our building are part of the Captivate Network, a streaming (oops, almost forgot the 'r' -- how embarrassing!) "news" "service" that pumps lightweight, 10-20 second blurbs onto tiny screens in elevators across the nation.

Normally, I'm entertained. Occasionally, I'm actually notified of something important enough to warrant additional research when I get to a computer. Even when there's something REALLY vapid on there (like the latest celebrity gossip), I understand that it's there because it's a great way to gain revenue and gives bored geeks like me a safe alternative to ridiculously breaking some of the silly, silly rules of elevator etiquette.

At the same time, every now and then, there's one that really drives me crazy. I wish I had taken a picture of the one this morning, because I can't remember it exactly, but it made me laugh, really hard. Paraphrased (but with the important bit verbatim), and with no source because I can't remember anything this morning, it went something to the effect of:

Asia cautiously optimistic

Asia expressed hope that President-elect Obama would be able to fix the problems with the international economy, but doubted that Washington would accept strict...

Really? Asia told you this? Huh. Usually, when I ask Asia something, I have a hard time getting a coherent answer.

...or did you mean Asia Argento? That's a little more political than she usually is, but last week, you had a bite from Paris Hilton on the election, so, well, okay.

...or do you really mean that some Deputy Assistant Minister of Finance in Beijing said something on condition of anonymity when asked by one of your stringers -- desperate for a quote just minutes after the announcement -- because they were having lunch together at the time? ...which I guess is also fine, really, because they all look alike anyway, right?
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2008-11-03 04:30 pm


Yep! It's November again. For many of my friends, that means it's NaNoWriMo (NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth) time again -- time to do your best to write a certain number of words a day on a completely new writing project. It's like that song, by those people, "Don't worry that it's not good enough, for anyone else to hear. Just Write... Write Some Stuff". Or you know, something. For those of you so embarked, I salute you. I admire you. I encourage you. Go to!

For me, this signals the start of LoNoProMo, which in addition to being just slightly catchier (or at least rhymier), stands for LOcal NOvel PROcrastination MOnth -- the month in which I *specifically* (rather than just generally, by inaction) avoid writing my "breakthrough novel" and waste all my creativity on excuses.

Ooh! That's a good one -- Not enough time, and low on creativity!

This year, though... This will be my year. I know I've lost a lot of ground already, but I swear I'll make it up tonight. Er, class tonight. Tomorr... election party. This weekend, really!

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2008-10-02 06:49 pm

Debater? I hardly even... Yeah, never mind.

I'd like our political debates to be moderated a little better. Some suggestions:

1) Evasions, justifications, and circular reasoning are not "acceptable answers" and will be fiercely mocked by the moderator.

2) Candidates, you (and the audience) will see the following lights on the moderator's podium:
Yellow: You have 10 seconds left. Wrap it up or be cut off.
Flashing Yellow: You are evading the question, and everyone knows it.
Flashing Red: Your current statement is a total fabrication. Correct yourself, or lose the right to respond to this issue any further.
Red: Out of time, or in time-out.

3) You will see a small game show-type "buzzer" in front of you. If you "buzz in" and correctly identify the logical fallacy (or fallacies) being employed by your opponent at that moment and successfully prove your assertion, your opponent may not respond further. Incorrect or improperly proven assertions will result in equivalent time being deducted from your next response and given to your opponent to finish the current response. If correct, however, you may use the time remaining to do a victory dance. Spiking the buzzer is not permitted.

What do you think? You have 90 seconds to respond.
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2008-09-09 10:47 am

As if the voices in my head weren't bad enough

So, the good news: our new landlords have finally decided to replace the roof on our building at work.

The bad news: we're on the top floor and they're on the section right overhead.


That's enough dwelling on that before I get too angry.


Other than that insanity, the new job is going well. We finally hired a new manager, and she seems really enthusiastic, which is good.

I'm carpooling with my officemate, who lives almost exactly halfway in between our house and the office. He listens to NPR, which tends to drive me crazy in the mornings, as I'm not nearly awake enough to be thinking about how stupid our country is and listening to actual intelligent discussion.

It also makes my subconscious do things like come up with zingy headlines:

BushWah wah wah wah
Fannie and Freddie get Fingered by Fed
Kim Jong-Ill? (...but Federer betterer)

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2008-07-14 01:00 pm

(FINALLY!) Preliminary review of Iron Man (2008)


(4.5 out of 5)
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2008-07-06 02:00 pm

An open letter of thanks

Dear [ profile] strand and friends...

Thank you for entertaining me so thoroughly for the past hour, as I innocently traipsed through to leave a comment for our host and was sucked in by the frenetically entertaining entitity that is his Friends Page.

The Procrastination Fairy and I thank you.

Fair warning, though: the Laundry Elf, the Housecleaning Gnome, and the obnoxiously superior You-Really-Ought-To-Get-This-Stuff-Done-Before-Your-Wife-Gets-Home-And-You-Know-Other-Than-That-Slap-Dash-Review-You-Wrote-Last-Night-You-Haven't-Done-Any-Writing-For-A-Month Cricket all hate you.
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2008-07-06 12:37 am

Review of Wanted (2008)

So I saw Wanted today, the movie based on the comics by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones. I went in expecting to be disappointed, and, surprisingly, I wasn't.


Actually, that's not totally accurate. Let me start over.

more... )
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2008-04-30 11:16 am

Clarification, and and some shameless shill-ing


So, thanks to [ profile] queenzippo, I have a new job! Yay! I start Monday as a technical support engineer (woooo, all techy and professional and stuff). I'm really excited because the job isn't just call-center-work-off-a-script stuff, it's "every deployment is unique, you own the problem all the way" tier II/tier III stuff. They have a great benefits package, which really helps outweigh the greatly reduced schedule flexibility. Plus, I have the word "engineer" in my job title. :-P~

More news as it develops.

Also, if anyone is looking or knows of someone who's looking for a mid-level Web Developer job, let me know. One of my friends works for an IT staffing company, and they're trying to fill a position with a smaller company that needs to get a good website up and flying. Suggested skills include 2+ years of related experience, a solid core competency in C# or Java, with possible forays into HTML, AJAX, etc. It sounds like a good opportunity for someone who wants to work with a smaller company and have the chance to build something pretty much from the ground up. Let me know if you're interested.
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2008-04-29 12:06 pm


That is all. Must go back to trying not to kill VS.NET 1.0 and VirtualPC...
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2008-04-23 11:20 am


So, sitting here with my new Jawbone, waiting for the little red light to turn white and tell me it's charged, is like a mini- christmas morning. I think I've finally figured out why I buy gadgets and ties -- they're like little gifts to myself, and I get so excited about using something for the first time. I buy gadgets and ties because they're usually easier to justify than pure toys.

I still want the custom lightsaber, though. :-D

ps -- y'all may be getting a phone call from me in the next couple of hours. Just ignore it if you don't have time to answer...
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2008-04-15 01:51 pm


As commanded, an update. :-D

(FList protected right now, because of pending job... I know that the chances that someone's going to trackback or search successfully is SO small, but I live for paranoia during job searches.)

I have an interview tomorrow. Actually, to be more specific, I have five interviews tomorrow.

As some of you may know, I've been looking off and on for a full-time job. As much as I like the flexibility of working from home, I'd also like a little more consistency of income.

Got recommended by [ profile] queenzippo for an interview at her company. Bumbled my way through a phone interview. Got the call back, and am going to a big interview day at the local office tomorrow. It's a technical support engineer position, which, as I understand the screening I've undergone so far, requires technical aptitude, experience with networking, DB, web services (preferably at least two of three), technical and phone support skills, an ability to take ownership of a problem from start to finish, and the ability to find answers to new questions. Oh, and I'm pretty sure from the sounds of it that technical writing and training experience are a plus.

I've done interviews for tech positions before. I KNOW how hard it is to find people with all of those qualifications. I KNOW how well I could do this job. Why am I so nervous?

I hate interviews. That's not true. I like conducting interviews, but I hate going through them. I think part of it is the fact that I have such a hard time putting myself forward and bragging about my job accomplishments. Part of the problem is every time the interviewer asks a question, I get this manic interior monologue going:

Ok, it's obvious what they're really asking here. How do I answer what they're really asking without making it seem like I'm deliberately answering what they're actually asking with what they want to hear? Oh crap. How long have I been sitting here blankly? Better smile. Was that weird? Crap. Did I just chuckle nervously out loud? I should make a noise like I've been giving the question some serious thought. How about 'Hmm...'? Wait, did I already use 'Hmm...' on the last question? Just don't say, 'That's a good question,' -- it's obvious you're stalling, and a stupid thing to say. Oh God. Now how long have I been sitting here blankly? Whatever you do, remember not to do that stupid 'and, um,' thing that you do when you're really nervous. I hope I'm not sweating through my suit. How can I check it without being obvious? Oh God. Still haven't said anything. Say something!!!

"Hmm... Well, that's a good question, and, um..."

Oh, dear God. Please let the ground just open up and swallow me whole.

...and this happens with EVERY QUESTION!
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2008-04-13 11:17 pm


Just sharin' the love...
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2008-04-10 03:03 pm


As much as I like the flexibility of working from home, I think i really need to get a full-time job for other reasons than just steady pay.

...Like when I'm composing an e-mail to a friend and start forming the sentence "You know, there was a really great point on 'Gilmore Girls' today."

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2008-04-06 10:40 pm

A complete dichotomy of thought

Too tired to look up "dichotomy" to make sure that I spelled and used it correctly.

Went to my cousin's wedding tonight. Fun, but tiring. Very non-traditional in a number of ways, and will write up a little about some of the neat things they did at some point, but just wanted to share the following bit.

As much as my wife and I are completely in tune with each other's thoughts sometimes, there are those others... At one point during the pre-ceremony family picture rigamarole, with trying to herd cats, er, relatives together, and wait for someone else, and greet the people coming in, and ... and ... and ... etc.

I looked deep into my wife's loving eyes, and the thought flashes through my mind, "Boy, am I glad we already did all of this!"

We smile contentedly at each other, and as I open my mouth to share this thought, she looks around, then looks back up to me and says, wistfully, "Can we do this again?"
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2008-03-30 02:47 pm

woo! dorks!

(For Kim, wherever this may find her)

me: Hey, when you've got a minute, we need to pick your new power for Monday's game.
[ profile] swartho: Ooh! Can I have Power of Attorney?
me: [sigh] No. [Pause] Ooh! You can have the moon power, though.
[ profile] swartho: What's that?
me: Well, you can walk up to monsters and say, 'In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!'
[ profile] swartho: [sigh] Just for that, I'ma gonna keep vacuuming.

I'm not sure, but I think I won that one.
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2008-03-29 10:41 am


Apparently, much like me, my LJ was blissfully unaware that it was obsolete and degraded. I have "fixed" the LJ. Me? Not so much.

Unfortunately, so many of the S2 themes that I liked color-wise (or even layout-wise) were, frankly, unreadable. Talk about form over function. This one was not only fun, it was the one that had least-offended my sensibilities when I got tired of searching. There are still some things that bug me, but I'm too tired to fix them. I suppose I should put my money where my resume is, and come up with something, if I can't find anything nice to say. Does anyone have any experience with designing and coding LJ themes? Wanna share your expertise in a crunchy-yet-easy-to-swallow format? Let me know!

Of course, the really funny bit is that the reason I was looking at themes in the first place was that I decided I was tired of looking at my current mood theme and wanted to change it. After looking at some of the others, I find that I like them again. Hmm. Time to get to work with a graphics editor, methinks.